9 Must-Visit Places in Vienna

Posted by Techraveller on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna

After exploring Budapest, I headed to my next destination, Vienna. What I know about the capital of Austria is its famous opera performances that are said to be a must-see. Additionally, upon arriving here, I noticed the grand Baroque Architecture buildings standing proudly throughout the city of Vienna.

In this article, I will share a list of places I visited in Vienna and what each place has to offer. Hopefully, this reference can be useful to readers who are visiting the city of Vienna.

  • Vienna State Opera
  • Saint Stephen’s Church
  • Graben & Plague Monument
  • Hero’s Square & Hofburg Palace
  • Museum Quartier
  • Saint Charles Church
  • Schönbrunn Palace
  • Prater Park
  • Zentralfriedhof

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace Schönbrunn Palace

To get here, it’s advisable to purchase a metro ticket because it’s not close to the center of Vienna. This castle used to be the residence of the Habsburg dynasty, who ruled the kingdom of Austria in the past. The castle, with its gardens, fountains, and a zoo, is one of the oldest in the world.

Due to the vastness of the castle grounds, you can spend an entire day here. It’s best to spend your late afternoon here to witness the sunset with the castle’s atmosphere. Behind Schönbrunn Palace, there’s a quite high hill often used by tourists to relax and enjoy the evening.

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera Vienna State Opera

Many people include watching an opera in Vienna on their travel wish list. Surprisingly, the cost of watching a world-class opera in Vienna is not too high. For just 4 Euros, you can watch this world-class opera at the Vienna State Opera.

However, the price reflects the quality - you will watch the performance from a considerable distance, and you’ll have to stand during the show. Opera performances typically last 3 to 4 hours. I couldn’t handle it, so I decided to continue my journey to other places after just 30 minutes.

Saint Stephen’s Church

Saint Stephen’s Church Saint Stephen’s Church

This church, located in the heart of the city, is a Catholic church that was completed in 1169. Located in Stephansplatz, this church witnessed the history of Vienna’s development. Great musicians like Mozart had weddings and funerals in this church. Moreover, the church’s roof, made of ceramic, adds uniqueness due to its vibrant color. The church’s roof used to be made of wood but was destroyed during World War II. Surrounded by buildings, this church still stands as a landmark of Vienna.

Graben & Plague Monument

Graben & Plague Monument and Shopping Street Graben & Plague Monument and Shopping Street

Graben is one of the historical streets in Vienna. As the first pedestrian-only street in Vienna, Graben has a history dating back to ancient Roman times. Since the 1200s, Graben has been a trading area and a shopping center. While walking on this street, you’ll come across a monument called the Plague Monument. This monument is used to commemorate the one-third of Vienna’s population who died due to the plague in the 1600s.

Hero’s Square and Hofburg Palace

Hero’s Square Hero’s Square Entrance to Hero’s Square Entrance to Hero’s Square Ringstrasse Tram Ringstrasse Tram

When you enter the Hofburg Palace area from Ringstrasse Tram, you’ll first be welcomed by a large square called Heroe’s Square. The distinctive feature of this square is the equestrian statue that seems to welcome you to the square. Right behind Heroe’s Square, there’s the complex of Hofburg Palace, which used to be the residence of the Habsburg royal family and now serves as the residence of the Austrian president.

Museum Quartier

Museum of Natural History Museum of Natural History Art History Museum Art History Museum

Not far from Heroe’s Square, you can find an area called Museum Quartier. Museum Quartier is a gathering place for several museums like the Museum of Natural History, Art History Museum, Leopold Modern Art Museum, and Mumok Museum.

Saint Charles Church

Saint Charles Church Saint Charles Church

This church was built as a thanksgiving gesture by King Charles VI because the Plague had ended. This place is a favorite location for photographers as there’s a pond in front of the church that reflects its image. When the pond is not in use, locals use this area as a relaxation spot. The church is located near TU Wien.

Prater Park

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Usually, to enter an amusement park like this, you have to pay, but not in Prater Park. This 200-year-old amusement park can be entered for free, but you still need to pay for each ride. Besides the amusement park, Prater Park also has other areas dedicated as a public park, so you can engage in other outdoor activities in the park.


St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery Church St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery Church Beethoven’s Grave Beethoven’s Grave

Zentralfriedhof, or the public cemetery, is a unique place we visited next. We visited this place because we were satisfied with visiting tourist attractions in the center of Vienna. Around 50 famous people are buried here, including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and others. Due to the vastness of this cemetery, we got lost because it’s too far into the area. If you’re curious, you can visit this location when you’re in Vienna.

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