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About Me

I graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in July 2016 and completed my master’s degree at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, majoring in Interactive Media Technology, in July 2019. Currently, I work and reside in Stockholm.

Why I Started This Blog

The reason I started this blog is that when people ask me about my hobbies, I always find it difficult to answer. To make it easier for me to respond to that question, I decided to start this blog. Now, with pride, I can confidently say that my hobby is blogging!


I draw inspiration from the following quote:

“Don’t Think Too Much, You Will Create A Problem That Wasn’t Even There.”

However, I also understand that limiting your mind is not the best way to think. Therefore, I created this blog to help me express everything that’s on my mind right now.

Blog Focus

Most of the content on this blog will revolve around technology, traveling, and sometimes the exciting combination of both. That’s why I named this blog “Techraveller.”

Writing Frequency and Language

I aim to write frequently, starting with one article per week (or maybe two articles in the future). The language used for this website will vary between English and Indonesian, depending on my mood. Currently, most of the articles are in Indonesian, as it’s easier for me to write jokes in that language. However, I’m actively learning how to write jokes in English as well, so please be patient.

Stay Connected

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